Why god, why?

Why do you hide from us when we find
ourselves in deepest darkness without
a single star to enlighten the night?

The well known evangelist Dr. P.P. Job has seen
and experienced much pain in his life. For more
then 30 years he has been taking care of persecuted
christians in Asian and African countries, where suppressive regimes act cruelly against their own people.

But when in the year of 1999 his younger son Michael, a soon to be medical doctor in the promising age of 21, was murdered by militant Hindus, the feeling of indescribable pain impelled anew the question "Why God, why?"

After an insight into the life of his family, the author gives an analysis
of the reasons, the origin and sense of suffering.

Moved into the right context, suffering can turn out to be a source of endurable hope and deep peace never experienced before.

The agonizing questions find an answer.

A helpful book, whether you are presently confronted with suffering or not.

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