Single Donations

”I already have everything!”

 This is a widespread remark when it comes to Christmas- and Birthday Presents.

We have an alternative for a present:

Would you like to bring happiness in the name of one of your loved ones to a girl, who has lost her parents and has virtually nothing left?

Even small amounts may have great effects!

Gladly we issue a personal gift document with the name of the presented person

- USD 65.00 to 130.00 may add to the monthly support and the education of a girl
- USD 65.00 to 130.00 enable us to plant more coconut plants
- USD 900.00 make possible the purchase of a cow, who will provide valuable milk for the children for a long time.
Or the lasting mega-gift:
- USD 9000.00 for the construction of a room for 5 girls in the new extension building
- USD 1800.00 New living room for 1 girl

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