Sabina’s story

Sabina came to the orphanage in January 2000. She was one of the first children to be "adopted" by our organization. She was only two and a half years old. Both her parents had died of AIDS. She was seen as a "double cursed" child. Firstly because she was a girl and secondly because her parents had died of the dreaded disease. Nobody was ready to take her. She was an outcaste in her home and in society. She was abandoned for no fault of hers.

When we came to know of her case, our representative went to collect her and took her to a hospital to be tested for AIDS. The test revealed that she had not contracted it from her parents. That was the first step towards her new future.

Today, she has a big family around her which is ever growing. She has found acceptance in society because her sole identification is that she belongs to "Hope for the Girl Child". She is an intelligent child, full of life, fond of sports, singing and other extra-curricular activities. She is growing with a confidence that she belongs — belongs to us — belongs to you and me.

Do you want to bring a change in a child’s life?
Do you want to wipe away the tears of a child who has no parents?
Do you want to replace emptiness with love and care?

You can do all this for our little orphan children. They need love, they need acceptance in society, they need someone they can call their own and

they need you!