Bring a smile to a child’s face


The child you see in the photograph is Lovis, one of the eighty children or the orphanage. She was brought into the orphanage when she was a little over three years. She was scared an silent. Just a little time ago, she had been a mute witness to the brutal killing of her parents. Her parents were religious leaders who were massacred by a group of anti-social elements. The incident took place early one morning just as Lovis got up. Unable to understand the magnitude of the tragedy but overcome with grief and pain, Lovis became silent and withdrew into herself.
She never smiled.

After she came to the orphanage, people around her and other children tried their best to bring a smile to Lovis’ face but all their efforts were in vain. At the time, a lady from Norway, Elena, came to visit the children at the orphanage. One of the founders of the orphanage, Dr.P.P.Job was also at the orphanage. Elena asked Dr. Job what she could do for the children. Remembering Lovis’ sad face, he asked Elena to spend time with Lovis and get her to smile once again. Elena spent three months in the orphanage, playing with the children, helping the staff, becoming friends with the children and most importantly, trying her best to make Lovis smile.

Lo an Behold! Elena’s efforts were rewarded after three months when Lovis began to smile again. Today, Lovis is as happy and cheerful as any of the eighty children in the orphanage.

Most of the children in our orphanage have similar painful experiences.

Do you want to bring a smile to their faces?
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Do you want to become a foster parent to them?

There are more than 320 children awaiting Sponsorship!
Help to smile again!