Hope for Girls

"God took my son and gave me a lot of daughters"
Dr. Job For 49 years Dr. Job has been serving in service for persecuted christians. He is the founder of an orphanage for girls. Up to now we accomodate 550 children.
Many of them lost their believing parents through murder, others
through earthquakes and the big hurricanes.

On Sunday 19th august 2012 Dr. Job visited Tiszanagyfalu, Hungary. In the morning he held as always a very enspiring speech. He told about his experiences with God. He asked the listeners to help, where they can. When he was asked about good concepts he said: „Just pray and start it“.

After lunch and some rest unfortunately Dr. Job suffered a severe heart attack. Medical help was there within minutes. But the doctors treatment could not help anymore and Dr. Job passed away in the early afternoon. We recall his saying: „I will witness till my last breath, that Jesus is the person, where rescue and help comes from. He is with us when we undergo suffering."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary Job, her mother and the other whole team in India.

"Hope for Girls" in Coimbatore, South India is the first home
exclusively for girls, with integrated High School.

To provide a home for more girls, we depend on your support.
Sponsoring and donations are urgently needed
We grant 100% effeciveness, i.e. zero administration costs!